“Point of rhythm is to follow it in time. To listen to the beating in your mind.”
The Curse of Curves
Cute Is What We Aim For / The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch



Curse of Curves - Cute Is What We Aim For

if I start singing this song and whoever is with me doesn’t sing along I will not be their friend

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school: please get a full night of sleep

school: but don't forget to do 876543 hours of homework

school: and study for tests

school: be a well rounded student by joining clubs

school: and participating in sports so you don't come home till 6pm

school: don't be late for school

school: but make sure you eat a full meal in the morning

school: kids need a balanced diet

school: here eat cardboard with red paint, it's called "pizza"

school: if you don't type and double space your paper i'm not counting it

school: but don't use the internet while doing homework

I want these nails!

I want these nails!


Oh my Darren. My bed is this way…

Mmmm, Darren…

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